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no title							2001	CD		Falcon			ERUC-2000/01

no title							1981	LP		Fuktoni Record		KUR

no title								CD		Primary Production 	PP CD 5250

no title								LP		Primary Production 	PP 5250

no title								LP		The number of your test	JF 001

no title								LP		Untouchables Records	R.S.555

... And dreams come true in '92		        		1992	Double-CD 	Kiss The Stone		KTS081/082

... From the beginning			         			CD		Voo Doo Sounds		OSA

10:15 on a Saturday night, 10 years ago, it was just right		LP					CO-2

11 bloody flowers						2000	CD		

12th bizarre festival 1998						Double-CD 				CR 980822-1/2

17 boys have faith in pornography					CD		Imperium  		IMP 006

1979-1989							2005	Double-DVD	Classic Rock		CRP1906

1979-1989							2005	Double-DVD	Classic Rock		CRP1906

1989			        					Double-LP				CE 1-2-3-4

II			        					LP-Picture Disc   Baktabak Records   	BAK 2105

20 years							2000	Double-CD 	Euro Boots		36/2

2nite in France			        				CD		Filou			FLU-006

5 imaginary boys 						1991	CD		Red Phantom		RPCD 1037

5 imaginary boys							Double-LP	

A collection of dreams  						CD					CB 1

A day like this		        				1986	Double-LP 	Forest Production  	TC 140 686

A dream, live		         				2002	Double-CD 	Orange Records		CR21/22

A l'Olympia			        				Double-CD 	The Swingin'Pig Records	TSP-CD-151-2

A night like this						2002	Double-CD 	Devotion Records   	CUREHYDE

A night like this						1986	LP 		September Songs		CC 28 413

A room without a view						2010	2CD		Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0355

A thousand virgins						1996	CD		Dragon Music		KT 002

A wish come true		         	          		Double-CD 	Alternative Recording Company ARC 001-2

Accuracy							1990	Double-CD 	Speedball Records  	SBC003-2

Accustic daze		        	 				LP 		Limehouse Records  	CU1

Acoustic daze			  	      			1991	CD		Speedball Records  	SBC019

After the Cure I'm alive and well				1981	LP		Belle Epoque Records	BER.002

Akuma								2010	Double-CD	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0385

Alive & well		         				1992	CD		Royal Sound		RS-CD-92100

All I have to do is kill her					2010	2CD		Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0323

All the voices blur						2010	Double-CD	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0224

Alternative medicine			        		1995	CD		Chelsea Records		CFD026

An interview			        			1990	CD single-promo	Polydor			cure procd3

An interview with Robert Smith & the band				CD single	DA Music  		S1124

Another day, another dream						CD		T. Rex Records   	TRCD 130

AOL sessions vol. one EP					2004	Single		Nobbsy Normas Records	KE 003

AOL sessions vol. two EP					2004	Single		Nobbsy Normas Records	KE 004

Arabian dream		        				1985	LP		Duck Production		504

Arabian dreams			         				CD		TVO-D Records		1039

At the edge of the deep green sea					Double-CD 	Backstage 		BKCD 004/005

At the top		        	 				Single					SNPR3

Bataclan, Paris 						1990	Double-LP 	Subway Records		TC 05/06

BBC 1985								CD		Wild Angel Records 	RSCD 2

BBC transcription services					1986	LP		BBC			CN 4852

Besides the remixes							CD					

Best			        					CD					TC-261096-B

Best				         			2008	CD		Cronyc Media		VI N 02052

Bestival live 2011				        		CD		Media Solutions 	CD014

Between the forest and the sea	        	 		1989	LP		Baktabak Records   	BAK 6006

Big bright beautiful world						DVD		Apocalypse Sound   	AS 32

Birmingham			    		     			LP		Wall Records		001

Bite the big apple							Double-CD 	Big Music 		BIG 026/27

Bizarre				        			1998	CD		Thunderball		BT 051

Black sessions							2022	CD		Golden Rain		GRNCD039

Bloodflowers live						2000	CD					BLOOD2000

Bloodsessions			        			2002	CD		North Star Records 	TC-ND

Box (Legendary Broadcast Recordings)				2022	CD-Box(6)	Laser Media 		LM 12202

Brits 91								LP-Picture Disc				CURE12P

Broken head				 			2010	Double-CD	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0353

Brussels / Belgium, November 01, 1987				2022	Double-CD	Radio Broadcast Music Ltd 13602

Brussels bloodflowers	        	 			2000	CD					CUBR0302

Carnage dream			        				CD		Wild Angel Records 	RSCD 1

Carnage visors					        	2010	LP		Kittens Release          

Caterpillar 84			     		    		1985	LP					C3

Cats like cheese : demos 77-85						Double-CD				FIXCD00

Charlotte sometimes		         				LP		Easy Flyte Records 	Flight 501

Chronicles			        				CD		Cosa Nostra		COSA-006

Chuja Vista May 20th 2016					2016	3CD		Islandrecords

Close to you		        	 			1992	CD		Prime Cuts		PC 005

Club adrenalin				        		1996	CD		RSM			RSM 182

Cold			        					Double-CD 	The Swingin' Pig RecordsTSP-CD-223-2

Collector's curiosities vol. 2						CD		Silver Apple Records	SIAP 505

Collector's kaleidoscope						CD		Caterpillar Enterprises	LC5157

Concert volume 2 : Wish tour'92         			1992	Video		G's Noise Works ltd	

Concerts 1979-1987							DVD					CURE 7987

Copycats								Single		Xenos			X-42017

Crystal palace part one		        			1991	CD		Exile Records		CD 4005

Crystal palace part two			        		1991	CD		Exile Records		CD 4006

Cure aids								Double-LP 				STASH 2307

Cure carnival			        				Double-CD 	Blizzard Records   	BLZD 123-124

Cure90			    		     				Single					

Cured			      		   			1992	CD		Turtle Records		TR-47

Cured vol. 1				        		1993	CD		Banana			BAN-006-A

Cured vol. 2			        			1993	CD		Banana			BAN-006-B

Cured vol. 3			        			1993	CD		Banana			BAN-006-C

Cured vol. 4				        		1993	CD		Banana			BAN-006-D

Curiosity							1994	CD		Non Fiction Records	NP-22

Curled like an embryo						2010	Double-CD	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0178

Dark night, The Prayer tour 1989				1991	Double-CD 	Great Live Records 	GLR 9103/04

Darkmen				        			1992	Double-CD 	BUC			BUC 034/2

Dead cat collection			        			Double-LP				

Death in the pool						2017	LP		Creepy Caterpillar	CCSICK8485

Denver June 5th 2016						2016	Double-CD	Islandrecords			

Difficult to cure		 				1991	CD		Beech-Marten Records	BEECH-MARTEN 018

Digging in the dirt		        				CD		Kobra Records		KRCD 39

Disinformation				        			CD		Discussion Records 	A 4 ESTCD

Disinformation					        		LP-Picture Disc	Discussion Records 	A 4 EST P

Disintegration				        		1991	CD		Ghost Vipers		D-89351

Disintegration					        		Double-LP 	Brigand Ghost Vipers	GV 77

Disneyland is cancelled			         			Double-CD 	ROLA 			017/18

Doctor Robert's surgery		   	     			1995	CD		Hisponola Records  	HISP 038

Don't forget the stars			        			CD		TUBE			TUCD 004

Dr. Robert & Mr. Smith		        			2001	CD		Drugstore Discs		8 945523 628916

Dream tour			        			2000	Double-CD 				CU246/1+2

Dream tour 2000			        			2000	Double-CD 				CU201/202

Dreaming								CD		Rocks			92077

Dreams are real			        				LP					EDIN-1981

Dreams comes true							CD		Living Dead Records	SE-403

Dressed up again							Double-LP 	Big tit Records		C 3090

Dressing up		        	 				Double-LP 	Strawberry Records Ltd.	VF 622798

Dressing up for a day out		   			1995	CD		Kiss The Stone		KTS 466

Early symptoms - the demotapes         					CD					C94071

Easy Cure								Single					CQ 001

Electric picnic							2013	CD		Cellar Dweller Records	CD-130401769

Elephant's grind							Double-LP 	Trade Mark of Quality	TMQ 72123

En Argentina				        		1991	Double-CD	On The Road		S 20301+2

Entreat - Tales of ordinary madness					LP					DY 74045

Eucharist								LP		Musichien 		JH-900717

Europe 1990			        			1994	Cassette  	Live Storm		LSMC 51166

Europe 1990			        			1994	CD		Live Storm		LSCD 51166

Fading roots	        					1987	Double-LP 				GI-1112

Fascination street						1990	LP		Musichien          	E 90

Fight the sickness						2002	Double-CD 	Devotion Records   	CUREZILLO

Final romance		        					LP		Metropol Records   	CU-69

Firenze rocks 2019							Double-CD	Music Red		VRF500-800

Florence 2022							2023	Double-CD+DVD	Uxbridge		Uxbridge 1814

Forever 							1993	CD		Bundy Records		SE 313

Fourteen delicious drugs					1995	CD 		Drugstore Records  	DRG 197995-1

French kiss			        				LP 		Tropo			Tropo-320

Freshly squashed flies			        			CD 		Totoba Productions	

Friday I'm in live '92			        			CD		Christie Records   	CR 26955

Friday night love						2008	CD		Cellar Dweller Records  CD080901296

From the edge of the great northwest 		        		Double-CD 	Hawk			HAWKOO7/8

Fuck rock'n'roll !				        	2012	CD 		The Godfather		G.R. 827

Full moon concert							Double-CD 	The Swingin'Pig Records	TSP-CD-086-1/2

Full moon concert							Double-LP 	The Swingin'Pig Records	TSP 086-2

Garden party		         					Double-LP 	The Butterfly Records	ROCK 4

Germany 2000			 	       				CD					AP 02

Get wild			 				1996	CD		Snake			SNAKE 014

Gifted quacks			        				CD		OHM Digital Recordings	OHM 11

Girls don't cry			        				Double-LP 				C-1 - C-4

Glastonbury '90			        			1990	CD		Zodiac			ZDCD001

Glastonbury '90				        		1990	LP		Zodiac			ZD001

Glastonbury 1995						1995	CD		3D Reality		3D-CU-021

Glastonbury festival			        			CD		CD Company srl		MAN 002

Glow in the dark							LP-box (4)	Tempest Records		

Gravedigger			        			1992	CD		Make Me Smile		MMS 1192

Greatest hit singles			        		1999	CD					7 24384 72682 9

Greatest hits				        			Cassette  	Audio Mast		AM 2060

Halloween galore						1998	CD		Thunderball		TB 006

Happiness is sadness     					1995	CD		Octopus			OCTO 194

Happy halloween		        				1998	CD		Piggy Puss		PP-001

Happy the man			        				CD					LLX-9

Happy the man			        			2021	CD		Sonic Boom		SON0386

Hardly praying for rain			        			LP					DY 74045

Haunted house				        			CD		Spotlight 		SL-CD 002

High in heaven			        			1992	CD		Living Legend Records	LLRCD 180

High on Cure			        				CD					C-07013

High tops n'hairspray		        				Double-CD 	All Of Us 		AS 13/2

Hit collection 2000			        		2000	CD 		E.S. Records		CDM 0500-423

Homesick								CD-box (3)	Free-As-A-Boot Records	FAAB-0019-3

Hot			        					LP-box (3)	Easy Flyte Records 	Flight 150

Hot hot hot			        			1991	Double-CD 	Red Phantom		RPCD2029/30

Houston Texas May 13th 2016					2016   	3CD 		Islandrecords

Houston TX May 14th 2016					2016   	3CD 		Islandrecords

Htv music history							Double-CD 	Halahup Records		Hal045

Imaginary 							1991	CD		Sherwood Robin		Hood 2

Imaginary songs 							CD					DIYE 8

In an electric glare    					2010	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0143

In between daze							2004	Double-CD 	Alternative Edge Productions AEP2004338

In between milleniums	        				2000	Double-CD 	The Swingin'Pig Records	TSP-CD-253-2

In the deep of your though vol. one					Cassette	Over Load 		OLM 113

In the deep of your though					1993	CD		Over Load 		OLC 113

In the eyes of the ghost again					2011	Double-CD	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0386

Inbetween days			        			1985	CD		The Swingin'pig		TSP-CD-124

Inbetween days				        			Single					

Incurable night				        			Double-LP				

Incureble							1981	LP		Centrifugal Record 	FIC 101

Insecure								Double-CD 				INSEC-1/2

Interview picture disc		        				Single-Picture disc 			CURE 7P

Interview picture disc		        				LP-Picture disc	Baktabak  		BAK 2011

Interview picture disc collection					Single-box	Baktabak  		BAKPAK 1005

Interview with Cure		        				LP-Picture disc				AD 48 B

Interviews			        				Single		Cure			CURE7

Intimately		        	 			2002	CD		Devotion Records   	TCCD 1

Invasion of the body-snatchers		        			Double-LP 				MIW 11 / GGT 300

Invitation			        			1993	Double-CD 	Fictious  		103

It's nothing left but this					1995	CD		Closedown Productions	ACD/OSA

J'oublie mon chagrin		        			2004	CD		Aural Delights		AD 105

Japan 1986			         				LP		El Topo			104

Journey to the far side of the galaxy    			2011	CD		Supersonic Scientists	SSS0 483

Just like heaven			 			1992	CD		Kiss The Stone		KTS035

Kick the last nail in it					2016	Double-CD	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0831

Killer Cure     						1996	CD		Flood			FLD 1010

Killing time again							Double-CD	Galaxy Records

Kiss me deadly	        					1992	CD		Royal Sound		RS-CD-92103

Kiss me for cure							CD		Rockland   		ROLA 015

Kyoto songs		         				1992	CD		Classics Limited           CL 005

L. A. Forum	        						Double-LP				

La belle june		        				1991	LP-box (3)	Emphase			CAT. NO. 931-1

La route du rock							CD					

La route du rock						2006	DVD		Ducky Edition		DIME

Last day of spring							CD-box (3)	Brother Records		BR053

Laughing gas							2010	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0404

Lavender			        			2010	Double- CD	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0383/a>

Le Reservoir 			        			2002	CD		Devotion Records   	TCCD-LR

Let's go							1985	LP		MIW Records		17

Like falling angels 		        			2000	Double-CD 	Devotion Records   	SNP 223/224

Like falling angels III			        		2000	CD		Devotion Records   	SNP 225

Lips that speak	          	        				CD single 	Holoview/3D		003

Live			        					CD		MusicTape 		MTCD 110 4105

Live '98								Double-CD 				ERUC CD1/2

Live 2005							2023	EP (10")	Pink Flamingo Music Distribution PFM 80302

Live at Glastonbury 1995						CD		Fact Music		fmcd 001

Live at Madison Square Garden	        			2008	CD					

Live at Paradiso							LP					TK LP 013

Live at Sydney Opera House 2019					209	Double-CD	UM Sound		UMS 30052019

Live at the Whiskey a go go 	        				CD		Private Records		PRCD 010 000

Live Birmingham 1986			        			LP					CU 86

Live from Chicago							Double-CD	Doghouse Productions	DP 26/27

Live in Bologna 20/5/84		        				LP-Picture disc	Plastic Passion Records    MB-5334-2

Live in Budapest						1989	Cassette				

Live in Budapest							CD       	Picture Records		0 42282 76862 9

Live in Budapest						2002	Double-CD	Picture Records		0 42284 70992 7

Live in Florida 2004			        			DVD		Upper Class Entertainment UCE-005

Live in France 2005						2012	CD		Immortal               IMA 104188            

Live in France 2005						2012	DVD		Immortal               IMM 940363            

Live in Germany							2021	Double-CD	Laser Media		LM6460

Live in Glasgow				        		2008	DVD		BBC Films + DVD		BB 3508

Live in Holland 24/05/1980						LP-Picture disc	Frog Records		

Live in Italy			        				Double-LP 				CU1

Live in L.A. 27.07.1981	        	 				CD		Headliner 		HL CD 008

Live in London 1989			        			LP					DY 74045

Live in Milan at the Rolling Stone 					Double-LP 	Wind Records		MB 5334

Live in Milan at the Rolling Stone 					LP-Picture disc	Wind Records		MB 5334

Live in Neuhausen Ob Eck, Germany				2019	Double-CD	UM Sound		UMS 21062019

Live in Rome							2013	DVD		NFK			NfK-236

Live in the empty world		        				CD		Private Records		PRCD 009 000

Live on air							2023	CD Box (6)	Laser Media		1154262

Live on Prospect Hill 80					1985	Double-LP 				C1+C2

Live on Prospekt Hill			        			Double-LP 	Big Tit Records		5519

Live USA volume one 			        			CD		LSD Records		LSD CD 152.029

Live USA volume two		        				CD		LSD Records		LSD CD 152.030

Live vol. 1			        			1993	CD		Joker Productions  	JOK-003-A

Live vol. 2			        			1993	CD		Joker Productions  	JOK-003-B

London 1991			        			1992	CD		Posct Script		PSCD 1125

Looking for a forest			        		1981	LP		Logo Record		

Looking for love			         			Double-LP 	Twisted Records		ROK2

Lorelei '89			        			1990	LP		X-Ray Records Ltd. 	CU-4-89

Lorelei '89				        			Double-LP 	FB Records		FB 100

Lost wishes and mixes			        		1996	CD		Working Class		WG OO1

Love songs			        			2004	Cassette  	Bionic Records		117462549029

Lullabies from heaven						2022	CD		Vivid Japan		VSCD 4533

Lullaby					        		1992	Cassette  	On Stage Records   	MC/ON 2228

Lullaby				        			1993	CD		On Stage Records   	CD/ON 2228

Lullaby					        		1990	LP		Musichien		

Lullaby for Rothenburg			        			CD					TTCD 98
Lullaby									12" single boot	white label 		CURE 001

M	        						1991	CD		Great Dane Records 	GDR CD 9121

M		        					1991	CD-single 	Great Dane Records 	GDR CD 9121/B

Mad Bob and the Screwtones					1995	Double-CD 	Home Records		HR 6031/32

Maximum Cure		         				2004	CD		Chrome Dreams		ABCD 171

Melkweg Amsterdam 1979						2023	LP		Cult Legends		CL92676

Melt the light							2012	Double-CD	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0548

Message from Jupiter			        		1996	CD		Moonraker          	202

Millennium collection		        				CD		                 	BL TCU-MC 202

Mixes & remixes			        				CD		Lost Home Syndicate	C 1

More then rare				        			CD					

Mort a Paris				        		2009	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 099

Mountain View May 26th 2016					2016   	3CD 		Islandrecords

Never enough		     					1991	Double-CD 	Not Guilty		N6-81091-2

Never enough	        						Double-CD 	Red Phantom		RPCD 2082/2083

New Jersey Radio Networks						CD		New Jersey Radio Networks   NJRN VC 90-11

New Orlean May 10th 2016					2016	Double-CD	Islandrecords		

New Orlean May 11th 2016					2016	Double-CD	Islandrecords		

New songs							1996	CD		Moonraker 		120

No Cure no pay			        				Double-LP 	Stereo Master Ltd. 	CRR27118

No festival Sudoeste 98			        		1998	CD					980519

Nothing left to burn			        		2011	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0461

Obscurities			        				CD		Obscure			

Ola Barcelona			        			2000	Double-CD 				EB 57/2

One more holy hour						1986	LP		Duck Production		DUCK CURE 003

One more time			        				Single		Collector Items		0914012

Opera bastille				        			CD		Star			STAR 023

Opera bastille					        	2004	DVD		Ladybird records   	DVD015

Orange								2009	CD		Cellar Dweller Records  CD-090101321

Out of the woods						2004	DVD		Chrome Dreams		DVD-CVIS371

Out of this world ?		        			2002	CD		Frog Eaters Records	FER-003

Outer walls			        				Double-LP 	Kornyfone 		T 72124

Paleo Folk Festival			        			DVD		Silver Vision		SV 2411

Parched corn			        			1993	Double-CD 	RTW			RTW 013

Paris 90								Video					

Paris Accor Arena						2024	Double-CD	BootXPress Records	BXP 28112022

Paris le Zenith			        				CD-box (3)				TCCD9

Picture disc			        				Single					CURE1

Picture of you				        			Cassette  	FE Records		FE 1085

Pig in the mirror		        			1992	CD		Turtle Records		TR-39

Pill box tales								CD		Albatros Records	AR-004

Play for radio			        				CD		Hand Made 		HAM 05

Play for today			        			1990	CD		The Swingin'pig		TSP-CD-070

Play for today				        			LP		TP House Production	DRJ500

Play for today				        		1990	Double-LP 	The Swingin'pig    	TSP-070-2

Pornography			         				Single 5.5" flexi  			2146

Pornography tour 1982			        		1991	CD		Collect'or		SACD 001

Port Eliot			        			2010	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0209

Premiere Radio Networks : 03-09 2003					Double-CD 	The Album Network  	03-09

Pretty baby scream							LP-box (3)				TCH

Pulling the plug							LP		Imaginary Records  	MTVLP 1991

Push	         						2005	Double-CD 	Swingin'Pig Records	TSP-CD 444/45

Queen Elisabeth parade   					1996	CD		Kiss The Stone		618

Rare 12" versions 2      					2006	Double-LP 	Our Records		CUR002

Rare Cure							1990	LP		Subway Records		SUB 01 LP

Rarities							2000	CD		CURE			CR 2000

Rarities : volume 2	        				2000	CD		CURE			CR 2000-2

Razor rare remixes vol. 1						CD					RRR-444-1

Razor rare remixes vol. 2						CD					RRR-444-2

Razor rare demos vol. 3		        			1996	CD		Flood			FLD1015

Razor rare live vol. 4		        			1996	CD   		Flood			FLD1016

Red and yellow							2010	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0327PR

Red light district						2021	CD 		Wicker Man		WKMCD016

Regret and humility						2011	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0480

Remix album				        			Cassette  	Studio J&J 		

Remixes from the heart		        				CD					CU-1110 RMX

Reveal all secrets						2010	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0238

Riot fest							2014	Double-CD				

Rob good-bye			        				Single		BOR			BOR 004

Robert's birthday							CD					JAG 0187

Rock case studies							DVD		Edgehill  		RMS2392

Rock en Seine							2019 	Double-CD	Diamond Records		DR 23082019

Rock over London #90-41			        		1990	CD		Radio Ventures		516 358-2250

Rock Werchter 2019						2019	Double-CD	Diamond Records		DR 28062019

Rome 2 Paris live 2004		    		     			DVD		Penguin			Peng-5

Room at the top			        				Single					FUNN 31

Roskilde 2012							2012	CD		Cellar Dweller Records	CD-121001715

Route of kings				        		2002	Video		XF			08/2002

See the children							Single					SNPR 4

Seeing worlds that never were    				2010	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0177

Serious medication							CD		Relapse Records		REL04

Seven day week end							CD					JAG 00248

Shake dog shake			        				CD					SBL 171297

Shellfish's advice						1993	CD		Crocodile Beat		CB 53011

Sinking with love							LP		Koo Rec.		

Slashed with lipstick			        		1996	CD		Spiderhead Records 	SPRCD 96

Slit the cats							2010	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0230

Someday				        			2000	CD		Fiction			3296630 231727

Sorry Robert, we can't stop this fucking taping 			LP		FM Broadcast Corporation    fm 300-1

Stained glass smile			        			CD		Love Cat Music		LCM 001

Stiff as toys			        				LP		Trade Mark Of Quality	TMQ 71108

Storm head							2010	Double-CD	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0240

Strange				        				Double-CD 	KissKiss  		KISS 032/33

Strange attraction						1997	CD		TCSA			TCSACD 0197

Strange days		         					CD		Forbidden Fruit		321

Strange days				        		1991	LP		Limehouse Records	

Strange days in Glastonbury					2004	CD		Remedy Records		Glaston 95

Strawberry kisses						1996	CD		Kiss The Stone		KTS548

Studio daze			        				CD					

Summer daze			        			2022	CD		Vivid Japan		VSCD 4534

Super golden radio shows no°024	Live in Sydney 1980     	1994	CD		SGRS Records		SGRS 024

Super golden radio shows no°043	Live in Brussels 1980   	1991	CD		SGRS Records		SGRS 043

Sweet accoustic lullaby				        		LP-Picture disc	Cosmic Communications	LV 117

Sweet talking guy						1993	Double-CD 	Great Dane Records 	GDR CD 9305/AB

Sweet torture		         					CD		HallMark  		HM 018

Swinging crowds				        			Double-CD 	Kobra Records		KRCD 019/2

Swinging mood of London		        	 			CD					CU 9196

Swinging piggy in the mirror			        	1990	CD		Kaleidoscopic Music srl.   KMCD 07

Tales of ordinary madness						LP		Royalty Records		ROYR-506

Talking pictures							CD single 	Baktabak  		CBAK 4003

Teardrops and temptations					1996	CD		Kiss The Stone		KTS554

The 1985 European tour	        				1994	CD		Live Storm		LSCD 51029

The 1985 European tour	         					LP		Mongrose Records   	870 63 040

The addiction of duplicities		        		2010	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0144

The art of the dark		        				DVD		Apocalypse Sound   	AS 140

The best 								CD		Panda Music		

The best 							2001	CD		Russian Hit		LR-005 / D0041

The best days							2023	CD-Box (8)	Radio Broadcast Muscic Ltd.50077

The best of...		       		  				Double-cassette	Brawo			K-146

The black sessions						2008	CD		Sanpatte Records   	SANG 220 CD

The blood								Single		IMC			CS 842

The broadcast collection 1979 - 1996				2024	CD-Box(5)	Cult Legends		CL94106

The complete B side collection 	        				CD					CU7989

The complete B side collection vol. 2	        			CD					BOB 2

The conversation disc series		        		1988	CD					ABCD 002

The demosessions vol1			        			Double-LP 				CURDS001

The drowningmen				        		1992	Double-CD 	Gonza Music		CD20463

The funeral party							Single 5.5" flexi  			2147

The gothfather				        			CD		The Godfather		GR. 74

The grave, which grins at the last 					LP		Perfect Beat		1614

The grave, which grins at the last 					LP		Perfect Beat		1614

The greatest faith						2012	CD		Cellar Dweller Productions CD-120101638

The head on the door		        				CD       	Burnin Discs     	FLAM03

The head on the door		        	 			Double-LP 	Spock Records Unlimited	HEAD

The holy hour			        				CD		Chapter One		CD 25175

The interview				        		1998	CD		Talking Music		Speek 015

The kissing tour							Double-LP 	UFO			qwest-1

The kissing tour '87			        		1991	Double-CD 	Skeleton Songs		SS008/009

The kissing tour 1987				         		Double-LP 				the cure 17

The laughing soup dish			        			Double-CD 	Flashback Worldproducitons Flashback 09.92.0188

The only one in 96							CD		May Day			003

The perfect kiss			  			1992	CD		American Concert Series	ACS 58

The prayer tour '89			        			Double-LP 	Lloyd Records		FB 200

The Robert Smith interviews 			        		CD		Baktabak  		CBAK 4050

The strange museum						2008	DVD					SGDVD016

The swing tour '96 Barcelona	        				Double-CD 				BOB 011-12

The top studio demos			        			CD		The Real Stuff Records	777kd

The top studio demos			        			LP		Curious Records Ltd	777kd/BB-LP02

The video anthology 			        		2005	DVD		Boot X Press		

The walk							1993	Cassette  	Sarabandas srl		MC 12046

The walk							1993	CD		Sarabandas srl		CD 12046

The walk							1991	CD		Templar			TCD 9

There is no such thing ...					2010	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0403

These flowers will always die	        			2000	Double-CD 	3Trilenium		3003

Three imaginary boys			        			CD					

Three imaginary boys				        	1983	LP		First			FL-1529

Three imaginary boys in seventeen seconds			2012	CD		Cellar Dweller Records	CD-120101637

Torture					        		1991	CD		Mongoose Records   	MONG CD016

Torture			     		    			1995	CD		Live Storm		LSCD 51061

Transmission impossible						2022	Triple-CD 	Eat To The Beat		ETTB139

Trilogy				        			2003	Double-CD 	Red Devil 		RD0020-1/2

Ultra rare trax 							CD		Montana			MO 100 03

Ultra rare trax	        						CD		Ultra Records		URT OO1

Ultra rare trax	         					1994	CD		Live Storm		LSCD 51531

Underneath the Italian stars	        				DVD		Apocalypse Sound   	AS 157

Unlicensed			        				CD		SW			SW 63

Unplugged 			        			2004	Cassette  	Rock Industries		06Q6.04

Unplugged and more				           		CD		The Love Cats		CDLC 001

Untitled			 				1998	CD		Rocktown  		A19710612-12E

USA 1992							1992	Double-CD 	Live Storm		LSCD 52214

USA 1992							1992	Double-CD 	Post Script		PSCD 2214

Vinyl rarities   							CD		Burnin Discs		FLAM07

Visions of domino							LP		Funeral Tango		395431-SA

Watching shadows						2011	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0467

We hate rock 'n roll    					1991	CD		Triangle Records    	PYCD 068

Weekend out		        				1991	CD		Live Family Entertainment   D-89351

Wembley arena '89						1990	CD		RS Records		RS CD23

Westwood One In concert new rock #94-48 			1994	Double-CD				

Westwood One In concert new rock #96-21 			1996	Double-CD				

Westwood One Spin Session David Bowie Show 97-13		1997	CD		Westwood One		97-13

Westwood One The Vault Show 97-19				1997	CD		Westwood One		97-19

Westwood One On the edge #97-46		        		1997	CD					

What happened behind the door ?		        			CD		Imperium   		IMP 003

What the morning brings			        			Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0475

Whispers							2010	Double-CD 	Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0220

Why don't you cry ? Part 1						LP					CE 1+2

Witch hunt							2010	2CD		Supersonic Scientists	SSS 0239

Words about music						1992	CD single 	Words About Music  	WAM 02

Your silent touch							LP					XT-667