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100 tears							various artists			1997	CD			Cleopatra 		CLP 0001-2

1-12 by the numbers						Postmarks, the			2008	CD			Unfiltered Records	8 29917 80132 2

15 imaginary songs						various artists			1999	CD			Equinoxe Records   	EQUINOXE 003

15 years on     				         	Page & Plant				Double-CD          	Hawk			Hawk 68/69

17 seconds							Ex-RZ feat. Fenne			CD Single-promo      	Starman Records

1979-1989											2005	Double-DVD 		Classic Rock		CRP1906

1979-1989											2005	Double-DVD 		Classic Rock		CRP1906

21			         				Adele				2011	CD			XL Recordings		48697 44699 2

2nd skin		         				Bates, the			2000	CD			Viring			7243 849430 2 8

3			          				Prozac +  			2000	CD			EMI			7243 5 250512 8

50 first dates	         	        			various artists			2004	CD			Maverick  		48675-2

50 first dates		         	        		various artists			2004	DVD			Columbia Tristar   	DNS 32714

7 years		          	        			Gash				2003	CD			Golf			CDHOLE077

80's tribute volume one		                 		various artists			2002	CD			Tooth & Nail Records 	TND 40457

A Celtic rock tribute to   					McLeod Kirk			2007	CD 			Oarfin			2OAR-40225

A collective property             				Fordelifesake Endzweck		2003	CD single 		Alliance Trax		AT1002

A fire inside		             				A.F.I.				1998	CD single 		Adeline			6 55223-0002-2 3

A forest				         		Barker Sophie			2011	CD single-promo		Ho Hum Records		HOHOM018PR2

A forest				         		Behemoth			2020	CD single		New Aeon Musick		AEON0107CD

A forest			         			Blank & Jones			2003	CD single 		Go Gang Music 		GG 073 / 5050466-8908-2-5

A forest				         		Blank & Jones			2003	CD single 		Go Gang Music 		GG 073 / 5050466-9364-2-4

A forest				         		Blank & Jones			2003	CD single-promo		Go Gang Music		PR04228

A forest		         				Kriegbereit			1993 	CD single 		Rough Trade 		MA 50-3

A forest 							LEO presents F.I.L.T.H.		2006	12" single					FILTH002

A forest				          		Minimalistix			2001	CD single 		Mostika			23 203752

A forest				         		Phantom Four, the 	          	Single   	005

A forest / Grinding halt		         		Vanishing, the / Something About Vampires and Sluts
			        		         						Single			GZ		AH 53077 / AH 53078

A journey to the past						Page & Plant				CD						BT9612

A little loving							Bassenge Lisa			2006	CD			Minor Music Records	MM 801126

A night like ...		         			various artists			2001	CD			SPV			SPV CD 085-81192

A strange play							various artists			2014	Double-CD		Alfa Matrix		8 82951 02002 9

A strange play .2						various artists			2023	Double-CD		Alfa Matrix		AM1319DCD

A tribute to the Cure						Four Imaginary Boys		2022	CD			Sonic Seducer		2222461009336

Action & action			          			Get Up Kids			1999	CD single 		Epitaph			1030-2

Adam nude							This Vale of Tears 			CD 			Nightbreed		FZ002

After burn			          			Amos Tori 			1994	CD			Hawk			HAWK036

Aftermath							Battery				1998	CD			COP International  	COPCD044

Alive in I			         			Icy-Bro					CD single 		EMI			7243 8 87169 2 5

Alkaline Trio			          			Alkaline Trio				CD			Asian Man Records  	AM-058

All too familiar ep						Berlin Banter			2022	LP			Instant Noise Productions LC 96483

Alucinando			         			El Manjar de los Dioses		1999	CD			Radio VOX 		70007-2

Anajo un das poporchester         				Anajo und das poporchester  	2009	CD promo  		Tapete Records 		TR141

Another side   			         			Mobil Session Team 		2001	CD			Timer			ouf 10

Ask me to dance			         			Driver Minnie			2014	CD			Rounder Music		01143-1149-2

B-sides & rareties						Deftones  			2005	CD+DVD			Maverick  		081227646028

Babies go							Sweet Little B.			2008	CD			BNE			1488-2

Backspin			         			various artists			2007	CD			Six Degrees Records	657036 11322-0

Barefoot wanderer						Jahcoozi			2010	CD promo		TerrorBird		BPC25CD

Before you were punk    		         		various artists				CD			Vagrant Records		VR330
Before you were punk 2	       		         		various artists				CD			Vagrant Records 	VR339
Beyond cold blue stars	        		         	Rouse John			2002	CD promo		Ryko			PRCD USR591			

Bitter & twisted		         			Area-7				2000	CD			Zumba			TM007

Bizarre love triangle		          			Summer Charlotte   		2004	CD			Planet XOX 		XOXCD3

Black ep		         				Magicrays           		2005 	CD			Gentlemen 		GTL 029-2

Black ice impact		         			Inertia				2004 	CD			Cryonica  		CRYCD014

Black on black			         			various artists			1998	Double-CD 		Jungle			FREUD CD 059

Black shining leather	         	        		Carpathian Forest  		1998	CD			Indigo			834628

Blessed/cursed			          			Casket Lottery				CD single 		Second Nature 		SN030

Blood money part 0						Dope				2023	CD			EPOD Entertainment	EPOD0005CD

Blood's too rich		          			Doucet Luke & White Falcon  	2008	CD			Six Chapter Records 	SIX 037

Blue print for the black market	          			Anberlin  			2003	CD			Tooth & Nail Records 	TND41995

Boys don't cry				         		Natty U				1992	CD single 		T'Bwana Sound		TBS CD 5

Boys don't cry				         		Oleander  			2000	CD single 		Republic  		158 141-2

Boys don't cry			         	        	Oleander          			CD single-promo		Republic  		LC07266

Boys don't cry					         	TeknoMafia			1996	CD single 		Urban			576 223-2

Boys don't cry			         	        	TeknoMafia			1996	12" single		Urban			576 223-1

Breakme								Deadsexy Inc, the		2004	CD		 	XIII Bis Records	640506-2

Break on through		          			Page & Plant				Double-CD 					

Bring down the moon	         	        		Coleman Naimee			2001	CD			Chrysalis 		7243 531 6702 8

Bullet with butterfly wings	                 		Smashing Pumpkins, the		1996	CD			Virgin   		724383856527

Busking curesque			       			Vanvera					CD						

Cactus festival  						Amos Tori 			2010	CD						

Canciones de los chicos imaginarios				various artists			2005	Double-CD 		El Diablo 		EDDl47CD

Catharsis							Gloom				2017	CD			Metal Age Production	MAP112

Chill n' bossa		         				various artists			2007	CD			Warner 			443004

Chronology of a love-affair					Love Like Blood			2000	CD-promo  		Hall of Sermon		HOS 7074P

Civil sin							Boy Kill Boy			2006	CD single 		Mercury			1702239

Clear hearts grey flowers		         		Jack Off Jill			2000	CD			Risk Records		RSK-4113

Close to me			         			Baggsmen  			2002	CD single 		The Hive Label		HIVECD812

Close to me				         		Kaki King 			2010	CD single promo    	Cooking Vinyl		FRYCDR432

Come and get it			         			Stevens Rachel			2005	CD			19 Records		9873340

Come and get it			       		         	Stevens Rachel			2005	CD+DVD			19 Records		9874712

Cos I wanna			          			Slide					12" single		Frontier  		001

Cosmic voyage			         			Color Filter				CD						

Cosmosis 			         			Caned & Able			2012	CD			PSB Music		PSBCD78

Cover in the dark						various artists			2002	CD			Angelwings         	61679-2

Cover it up vol. 2						various artists			2005	Double-CD	          	Nuclear Blast		27361 14082

Cover me			         			Nena				2007	Double-CD 		Warner			5051442271621

Cover version III						Wilson Steve			2005	CD single 		Headphone Dust		HDSWCD15

Cover yourself			         			Lidsindia 				CD						

Covering 'em			         			Amos Tori 				CD			Octopus Records    	OCTO 104

Covers 80s			         			Sheik Duncan			2011	CD			Sneaky Records		020286155775

Crossing all over ! Vol. 12					various artists			2000	Double-CD 		BMG			74321 78538-2

Cured				         			unknown artist			2007	12" single					cured 1

Curiosity							Fade-x					CD single 		Music Man 		MMI 9084

Cut the fu*k up!						PopChop				2004	CD 			PopChop Records		PCLP0301FSE

Damn!9                    					various artists			2004	Double-CD 		Digidancd		DIGI 089-2

Dancing days in Atlanta   					Page & Plant				Double-CD 					JR 001-2

Darkness inside		         				Chimaira  			2000	CD 			Roadrunner		731458643722

Darrin's coconut ass	                 			Goldfinger			1999	CD 			Mojo			012 153 270-2

Dawn of the hatred						Carnal Lust			1999	CD 			Pervade			880971

Death of the author EP		          			Emulsion   				CD single 		Interference Records	IR0002

Deep 								Ror-Shak			2007	CD			KOCH Records		KOC-CD-4157

Dermis			       	        			Maria Fatal			2003	CD 			MoFo Records		45002-2

Dim Lit Daylight		         			Dim Lit Daylight   		2005	CD 			AD Records		8 37101 06257 8

Disillusion of purity			         		Rain Paint			2005	CD 			My Kingdom Music   	echo015-354.6020.2

Do what you want		         			OkGo				2005	CD single 		Capitol			C2 0946 3 30607-2 2

Does the word duh mean anything to you ?  			various artists				CD			SRD			5 016266 006224

Dracula blood chicken 		         			FuguFish  			2005	CD			FuguFish Record		001

Dub in my bed			         			Dub Maverick vs the Cure    		12" single		Apeman			001

Ear bleeding country      					Dinosaur Jr			2001	CD 			Warner Bros		R2 78395

Easy			         				Price Jemima			2000	CD 			Disoriente		DISCD301

El efecto rubik							various artists			2006	CD 			Junk Records  	        JKR 29

Electro cured		                       			various artists			2004	CD 			Cleopatra Records  	CLP 1337-2

Elegy sampler 52		       				various artists			2008	CD 			Elegy			ELGCD 0052

Empathy for the devil		          			Electric Hellfire Club, the 	2000	Double-CD 		Cleopatra Records  	CLP 0415-2

Essensual			       				Nebelhex 			2000	CD			Candlelight		CANDLE159CD

Eudora		          	        			Get Up Kids, the   		2001	CD 			Vagrant Records    	910367-2

Faith			         	        		Fallen Tears			2007	CD 			Braghin			cd01

Fear drop 14			            			various artists			2008	CD+magazine		Fear Drop 		14

February son				         		Oleander  			1999	Cassette-promo 		Motor			4035 AM

February son			                 		Oleander  			1999	CD 			Universal Records  	153 242-2

Feed the animals						Girls Talk			2008	CD			Illegal Art		

Feels so bad							various artists				CD			Ujammin			UJA 024 CD

Fetenhits party rock classics	         			various artists			2000	CD-double 		Polystar  		524 882-2

Fictional							various artists			1995	CD 			October			OCT 009

Fire songs			         			Watson Twins, the  		2008	CD			Vanguard  		79859-2

Forever young			       	        		Forever Young			2003	CD			Universal Licensing Music  980 933-5

Fortune his sleep						Faith & Disease			1994	CD			Ivy Records		IR33-02

Fossils			       	        			Dinosaur Jr			1991	CD 			SST Records 		SST CD 215

Fred's lil'compact compilation    				various artists			2008	CD 			Vanguard  		Spring 2008

Friday I'm in love		 				Scala				2007	CD single 		EMI			3862390

Garbage daze re-regurghaled					Exhumed					CD			Parasitic Twins Productions TWIN001

Give me the Cure           					various artists			1995	CD			Radiopaque		92487 90012

Glimmer			                                  	Gloworm				1996	CD			Kalorama  		KLP 54

Global vibes the new beats of Orient				various artists			2003	CD			the Music Marketeers	MUMA 65426

God's grandchild 	                                        Von Allen Ehron			2007	CD			Hydrology 		7154 2

Gothic party time	                                        various artists			2005	CD			Jungle   		FREUDCD085

Grave blessings	       			        		Unto Ashes			2005	CD			Kalinkaland		CD 02046

Great expectations						Stone Kezz			2004	CD			Airhead Records		AIR-CD-001

Great movies collection			         		Film Score Orchestra, the   		Double-CD 		Air Music & Media  	AMU061

Greatest hits '93-'03	          	        		311				2004	CD			BMG			235

Green room blues		         			Deluxtone Rockets  		2001	CD			Tooth & Nail Records 	TND1181

Grinding halt			         			Softpack		                Single			Kemoda           	KEM104

Guestroom							Ivy				2002	CD			Minty Fresh		MF-45

Hallowed hymns							Stabbing Westward		2020	CD			COP International	COPCD150

Halloween ep 2004 						Leaving Rouge			2004	CD-single 					

Heaven	       		          				Davies Iva 			1995	CD-single 		Massive Records    	7310582

Here's the real Cure     	          			various artists			1998	CD			Diabolik  		DIA009

Here it goes again						OkGo				2006	CD-single 		Capitol			0094637520826

Here we go again						Lady Linn			2008	CD			V2 Records		VVNL20082

Heroin			         				Gemini Ritual, the 		2005	CD			Twin Records 		TR-TGR 1001.1

High glow							Jes				2010	CD			Black Hole Records 	Magik Muzik CD 16

History of the world		          			Dr. Kloot 			2007	CD			Lowlands  		super 014

Hollow								A Perfect Circle		2012	CD			Eye of the Storm	208317

Home sleep home 2						various artists			2001	CD			Homesleep Records  	rec 2008

Homies and homos						Riton				2004	CD			Grand Central Records 	GCCD 131

How to use machinery Vol. III	        			various artists			1994	CD			Machinery Records  	MA 62-2

I could be happy						Nouvelle Vague			2016	CD			Kwaidan Records		KW070

I cried for you			        			Melau Katie			2005	CD-single 		Dramatico 		DRAMCDS0013

I'm doin'fine		         				Dinosaur Jr				CD						

I'm falling		      		   			Catch 22  			1997	CD-single 		Mocca			MOC 1840-3

Idealism							Digitalism			2007	CD			EMI			094638924005/CDVIR 223

Idealistic			        			Digitalism			2007	CD-single 		EMI			509995019192 5

Imaginary songs				        		various artists			2002	CD			Mudah Peach 		589 481-2

In America			        			Mission, the				CD 			Bundy Records 		SE 318

In the bedroom tapes						Yungblued			2022	CD 			Geffen Records 		

Inbetween days					        	Byrne George				CD-single promo					

Inbetween days					        	Eddie John			1990	CD-single promo		Elektra			PRCD 8279-2

Inbetween days				         		Folds Ben 			2007	CD-single promo		BMG			

Into a sea of Cure						various artists			1999	CD 			Mistemacbari		MMBCDI

Into the dark			        			Mission, the				CD 			Flashback Worldproductions Flash 08.92.0179

Invocation			        			Sombre View			1995	CD-single 		October			OCT 014

It's flyin' time again						Page & Plant				Double-CD		GEMA			OZS 001/002

It's for your own good			        		Living End, the			1996	CD-single 		Rapido			RAP 021

Jazz and '80s    						various artists			2005	CD 			Music Brokers		MBB 9736

Je dis aime	        					M				1999	CD 			Delabel			7243 8481672 8

Jigsaw								Lady Sovereign			2009	CD 			Midget Records		MID02CD

Jumping away from something exploding   			Shallow				1999	CD 			Devil in the Woods 	DIW #23

Just like heaven						Dillenberg Nicole  		2005	CD 			Cloverland		7700

Just like heaven						Dinosaur Jr			1989	3" CD-single		SST Records 		SST CD 244

Just like heaven						Dinosaur Jr			1989	CD-single 		Blast First		BFFP 41 CD

Just like heaven						Dinosaur Jr			1989	CD-single 		SST Records 		SST CD 244

Just like heaven						Dinosaur Jr			1989	Single			SST Records 		SST 244

Just like heaven						Dinosaur Jr			1989	Single-flexi		Blast First		CAT069/2

Just like heaven						Feiled				2006	CD-single 		EMI			GOCD38

Just like heaven						various artists			2005	CD 			Columbia  		CK 97696

Just like heaven						various artists			2008	CD 			American Laundramat Records ALR-0018

Just like heaven						various artists			2023	CD 			Cleopatra		03561

Kathie doesn't come						Nouve, the			2006	CD-single promo		Nouve Records		nois103

Keep slipping away						A Place to bury Strangers	2009	CD-single promo		Mute			RCDMUTE 422

Keep the freak scene		        			Dinosaur Jr			1993	CD			Mind The Magic		033

Keeper of the flame			        		Bloom Luka			2000	CD			Cog Communications 	COGCD215

Keeper of the flame				        	Bloom Luka			2000	CD			Evangeline		4015

Kill the dj			        			various artists			2003	CD			Hypnotic  		CLPCD 1325

Killer tracks							Page & Plant			1999	Triple-CD		Outrider		OR-9921/2/3

Killing an Arab				        		Riton				2004	Single			Grand Central 		GC184

Killingbird							Killingbird			2002	CD			2KSounds Inc		8 0264220012 7

Kindred spirits				        		Clan Of Xymox			2011	CD			Metropolis       	MET 832

Knowledge scars				        		Unwoman				2001	CD			Unmediated Productions 	001 CD

La cattedrale versus the 80's					La Cattedrale 			1999	CD			White And Black		CAT001

Last summer		         				Lost Prophets			2004	CD			Visible Noise Limited 	VSN 675259 5

Last summer				        		Lost Prophets			2004	Single			Torment			44

Laudanum 			        			Whispers in the Shadow		2007	CD       		Alice In ...		BROKENSILENCE 02971

Le tour de			        			M				2001	Double-CD 		Delabel			7243 8506552 1

Let me go home			        			All About Eve			2005	CD-single 		Ultraviolet 		6 04388 64135 2

Light my fire			                		Page & Plant				Double-CD		Sonic Zoom		SZ 2011-2012

Light my fire			                		Page & Plant			2003	Double-CD		Azia Pekodpa		M3 II/207/2001

Light my fire			                		Page & Plant			2002	Double-CD+DVD		Azir Records		

Lit     							Lit				2004	CD						RTE / DRT

Live at Fingerprints    					Watson Twins			2009	CD			Vanguard  		79935-2

Live at Uno Arena    						Page & Plant				Double-CD		Audio Atlas		AA-0292-2

Live at the Shark Tank						Page & Plant				Double-CD		The Swingin' Pig 	TSP-CD-197-2

Live in Rosemont '95						Page & Plant				Double-CD		Let's Rock		LIT-1296

Live unplugged at Planet 					Strange Boutique   			CD						

Lives intimately						Placebo				2005	CD			Boot Xpress Records	

Living outside		        				Sense Field			2003	CD			Nettwork America   	0 6700 30323 2 2

Living outside			        			Sense Field			2003	CD promo  		Nettwork America   	0 6700 30323 2 2 V

Long lost							Lunasect  			2000	CD			LPS			LPS-5 / 7005-2

Lost love							Rinrse			2002	CD-single 		V2 Music  		VVR5017643

Lost memories			        			Pale Amber Glow			2004	CD			Pale Amber Glow		

Lovesong							Josh Patrick vs the Cure    		12" single					LOVEMODE001

Lovesong							Coleman Naimee			2000	CD-single promo    	EMI			CDMEEDj 004

Lovesong remixes						311				2004	CD-single 					

Lovesong the piano tribute					Leon David Ari			2005	CD			Vitamin Records    	CD 8909

Lullabies for insects		        			Toil				2007	CD-single 		Rusty Axe Records  	AXE-044

Male								Imbruglia Natalie		2015	CD			Portrait		88875 03395-2

Man next door			        			Massive Attack			1998	CD-single promo		Circa Records		MANDPRO1

Maxmo brass			        			Ttr				2010	CD			Grosse Freiheit		BB060

Me vs everybody			        			Me vs Everybody			2001	CD			Gimme Yer Fuckin Records    

Meds					        		Placebo				2001	CD+DVD			Emi			0094635304220

Mentors menteurs						Don Nino  			2007	CD			Prohibited Records 	PRO 032

Mezzanine							Massive Attack			1998	CD			Circa Records 		WBRCD4 7243845599 22

Minneapolis 1995						Page & Plant			2009	Double-CD 					CK

Monument							Blank & Jones			2004	CD 			Water Music Dance	302 060 429 2

Motel architecture						Architect's Eye			2005	CD			Darkcell  		6 34479 09121 6

Music kills me		        				Rinerse			2002	CD			V2 Music  		VVR1017372

Music kills me			        			Rinerse			2002	CD promo  		V2 Music  		VVR1017372P

Music speaks							Glover Candice			2013	CD 			19 Recordings		B0018637-02

Music X				        			Mysteries Sound Orchestra   	1997	CD			LaserLight		21 076

Mute boy sad girl						Autumnblaze			2002	CD			Prophecy  		PRO45

My scrapbook of fatal accidents	        			Jawbox				2001	CD			DeSoto			JA 23

My star				        			Coleman Naimee			2001	12" single		Chrysalis 		7 24388 99316

Naphtaline      						Celluloide			2003	CD 			No Label  		

New waves							Celeste Marina			2012	CD 			Water Music Records	652 194 270-2

Night garden							Red Pepper			1995	CD 			Red Pepper		RP2000

Nineteeneighties 						Phillips Grant-Lee 		2006	CD 			Zo Records		Zo 01143-1066-2

No time to waste						CodeName : Rocky   		1999	CD 			Microcosm Records  	MICRO-103

Nouvelle vague  						Nouvelle Vague			2004	CD 			Peacefrog 		PFC051CD

Oblivion							Poesie Noire			1990	CD-single 		Antler Subway		AS 5021-CD

Oblivion							Poesie Noire			1990	12" single		Antler Subway 		AS 5021

Of the air      						Threadgill P.			2005	CD			Random Chance		RCD-26

Oh kamikaze         						Something for Kate	        2005	CD-single 		Sony			MATTCD137

One soul now	        	 				Cowboy Junkies			2004	Double-CD 		Latent Recordings  	COOKCD296X

One thousand screaming children	        			various artists			2000	CD			Ballyhoo Withdrawal 	bally007

One-winged angel						Scala & Kolacny			2007	CD			EMI			3863450

Other stories			        			Lipnicka/Porter			2006	CD			EMI			0946 3 77026 2 8

Our live album is better than your live album			Reel Big Fisch			2006	CD-box			CD Baby			RBF001

Our voices			        			various artists			2004	Double-CD 		Equinoxe  		EQ014

Out of the question						Mumm-Ra  			2006	Single			Columbia 		bexhill07

Out there							Dinosaur Jr			1997	CD			Westwood One 		WWL011

Paris '95							Page & Plant			1995	Double-CD		Silver Rarities		SIRA 183+184

Parole de rude boy						Jah on slide			2004	CD			Big 8 Records		070268080-2

Peppermint radio						Walsh Kate			2009	CD			Blueberry Pie Ltd  	30999082926

Perfect as cats 						various artists			2008	Double-CD 		Manimal Vinyl		MANI-013

Philtropolis	        					Philtron  			1996	CD			Candyland Entertainment    SPV 85-25902

Pictures of you		        				Hart Angie				CD-single 		Level Two Music    	L2006

Pictures of you			        			various artists    		2009	CD			NME			NME CD 09-01

Piece by piece				        		Melua Katie			2005	CD			Dramatico 		DRAMCD0007

Piece by piece - special bonus edition		        	Melua Katie			2006	CD+DVD			Dramatico 		DRAMDVCD0002

Pink Pig							various artists			2000	CD-Box (14)		Pink Pig  		MMBCD2000

Plainsong / The figurehead					Migala / Sr. Chinarro			CD-single 		Nois			1936

Play anything							Rude Boy George				Cassette		Jump Up			JUMPTAPE012

Pop'n'gum							Superbus			2005	CD			Mercury			982 796-1

Por que no puedo ser tu		        			various artists			1999	CD			WEA			28265-2

Possiblies and maybes 			        		Casket Lottery, The		2003	CD			Second Nature		SND044

Prayers for disintegration					various artists			2000	CD			Black Flames Records 	BFCD 007

Precious remedies against satan's devices			Welcome Wagon   		2012	CD			Asthmatic Kitten Records AKR092

Presence now							Page & Plant			1995	Double-CD		Rain Records 		R002

Professional murder music					Profession Murder Music		2001	CD			Geffen 			0694907272

Punk aus deiner stadt		        			various artists				Single			Kadaver	Records		

Punk force medley						Waves					12" single		Rollo Records		P1-001

Punk goes 80's			        			various artists			2005	CD			Fearless Records   	

Push your head towards the air	        			Editors				2008	CD-single 		Pias			PIASR 114 CDS

Radio 1 established 1967					various artists			2007	Double-CD 		Universal 		5302508

Ramble into the 90's    					Page & Plant				Double-CD 		Two Symbols		TS 003-A/B

Retreat			        				Hell Is For Heroes 		2003	CD-single 		EMI			CDEMS 619

Rinrse			        			Rinrse			1996	CD-single 		Montpellier Rock   	MON 5/96

Rise of the phoenix						Page & Plant			1995	Double-CD 		Two Symbols		TS 006-A/B

Rock swings			        			Anka Paul 			2005	CD			Centaurus 		

Rockabye baby! Lullaby renditions of the Cure			Armstrong Michael  		2006	CD			Baby Rock Records  	CD 96142006

Rollin' with			        			Ahrab Rex Quintet   			CD		SIM4002

Round and round in circles					Rhesus				2004	CD-single   		RMA/PIAS  		

Royal Orleans            					Page & Plant			1995	Double-CD 		REAL LIVE 		PP-953101/2

Same deep water as you  					Liquified 			2005	CD-single 		Banshee Worx		BVBA BUCD-002

Same deep water as you 	        				Liquified 			2005	12" single		Bonzai Urban 		BU-2005-002

San Jos '95     		        			Page & Plant			1995	Double-CD		Tuff Bites       	T.B. 95.1024

Sampler fer no. 2005		        			various artists			2005	CD			FuguFish Records   	FFR006

Scanning... vol. 1						various artists			1993	CD			SPV			CD077

Sequence 01			        			Tara King Th			2002	CD			Mudah Peach		mud0004

Seventeen seconds						Rose Frankie			2022	LP			Night School Records	LSSN078

Shake my tree			        			Page & Plant			1995	Double-CD 		Party Line		PLCD-020/021

Simple truth			        			Page & Plant			1995	Double-CD 		Kiss The Stone		KTS 450/451

Ska bitches			         			O'Hara Skalette			2000	CD			Metrodome          	METRO418

Skullcover			        			Doyle Kennedy Maria		2004	CD			Mermaid   		MRCD07

Snapshots							Wilde Kim			2011	CD			Columbia  		8 86979 41172 2

Snowflakes			        			Just Jack 			2003	CD-single 		RGRMusic  		RGRCD3

So fine !							Waltari				1994	CD			Roadrunner 		RR 9008 2

So human							Lady Sovereign			2009	CD-single promo    	Midget Records		Mid03CD

So piano							McLeod Kirk			2003	CD 			Moriath Records    	MAC0203

Soap		         					Younger Younger 28's		1999	CD 			V2 Records 		VVR1008362

Somebody							Scala & Kolacny			2007	Single 			Virgin			0094638623977

Someone could			        			Common Dream			2002	CD			Black Flames Records 	BFCD 009

Something new			        			Wisnia Avi			2010	CD			Avi Wisnia		8 8459 27589 4

Songs for goldfish						Folds Ben 			2005	CD 						EL 94452

Songs from isolation						Williams A.A.			2021	CD 			Bella Union		BELLA1143CD

Songs I love 			        			Deise Mikhail			2003	Double-CD 		Sony Music Media   	SMM 510854 9

Songs of the recollection					Cowboy Junkies			2022	CD 			Proper Records		PRPCDF160

Sonic diary			        			Apoptygma Berzerk  		2006	CD 			Sony			828768711026

Sonic jihad			        			Snake River Conspiracy		2000	CD 			Reprise			9 47383-2

Speakeasy							Stavesacre			1999	CD			Tooth & Nail Records 	TND1140

Speed graphic		        	  			Folds Ben 			2003	CD-single 		Sony Music Distribution     EL 90647

Strange as angels						Chrystabel & Marc Collins	2021	CD			Kwadran Records		3 760300 314562

Strange as angels						various artists			2003	CD			Failure To Communicate 	FTC001-2

Suffer								Jennie Vee			2017	CD			WaxRomantix		7 57347 71457 1

Sunshiners			        			Sunshiners			2006	CD-promo  		Jive Epic 		828767883724

Superholic							Engine				2002	CD			Metal Blade Records	0 3984-14364-2 6

Supersunnyspeedgraphic, the lp		        		Folds Ben 			2006	CD			Epic			88697-00536-24

Supreme theater							Page & Plant				Double-CD		Planet-X		PLAN 060-2

The Berlin tapes						Davies Ira 			1995	Double-CD 		Massiver Records   	17511-2

The correct use of pets		        			Hypo & EDH			2006	CD			Active Suspension  	ACD13

The darkest angel 						Mariel				1999	CD			Aerial Sounds		1003

The eighties							various artists				CD			Q Magezine		

The grey E.P.			        			Levinhurst				CD-single 		internet download only	

The heart of Roadrunner Records	        			various artists			2003	CD			Roadrunner Records 	RR 8387-2

The hunters daughter			        		I Was A Club Scout 			CD-single promo					

The impossibility of reason					Chimaira   			2003	Double-CD 		Roadrunner Records 	RR 8397-9

The joy of diving						Eye, the  			2000	CD			Miltona	Records   	MR08978

The kindest worlds						Strange Boutique   			CD						BDZ17

The liesongs			        			Thuoc				2005	CD			FuguFish Records   	FFR002

The lovecats				        		Hotrats, the				CD-single promo		Hotrats			002

The lovecats					        	Patchwork Grace    			CD-single 		But! Records		CDSBUT32

The many faces of the Cure					various artists			2016	CD-Box (3)		Music Brokers		MBB7235

The many faces of the Cure					various artists			2016	Double-LP 		Music Brokers		7798093712940

The mix volume 2						Blank & Jones			2003	CD-box (3)		Gang Go Music		5050466-7493-2-1

The obscure EP  						Phantom Four, the & Arguido     2011	CD        		Velser Herrie		006

The outer marker						Just Jack 			2004	CD			TVT Records		TV-5970-8

The red door		        	 			Wraith of the Ropes		2005	CD-single 					# 61 of 120

The shameless kiss of vanity		        		various artists				Single 			Release the Bats   	AH 38386

The song still remains	         				Page & Plant			1996	Double-CD 		Real Life 		PP 951027/A+B

The soothing sounds of ...					Huntingtons/Retarded 		2003	CD 			Wynona			WR14

The trick to life						Hoosier, the			2007	CD 			Sony BMG		8 86971 56912 4

The truth explodes						Page & Plant				Double-CD 		          		TS 007/A/B

The velveteen age						Birch Diana			2010	CD 			S Curve Records		

The walk							X Complex 			2004	CD-single 		ZYX Records		9790-8

There is no one else whe I lay down and dream      		Leece, Ninca     		2010	CD-promo		Bureau B         	BB040

Three fingers		         				Rogers Sisters, the		2005	CD			Top Pure Records   	PURE1650CD

To all new arrivals		        			Faithless 			2006	CD 			Sony			88697021582

Together again III						Page & Plant				Double-CD 					

Top hits dance edition 2					various artists			2002	CD			Mostiko			22 207792

Top of the pops							Art Brut			2013	Double-CD		The End Records		TE-307-2

Tumbling							Taffy					CD-single promo		CLUB AC30		AC3010037

Turn ons							Hotrats, the			2009	CD-promo		G&D Records		

Two symbols              					Page & Plant			1995	Double-CD		Tarantura			

Under the influence     					Stereotyperider				CD			Suburan	Home		SH029

Under the influence			        		various artists				CD			Too Damn Hype		TDH0056

Unicorn          			        		Apoptygma Berzerk		2004	Double-CD		Warner Music		5050467-3190-2-8

Unledded in Milwaukee						Page & Plant 			2014	Double-CD 		Cellar Dweller Productions CD-140901927

Unplugged							Korn				2007	CD			Virgin			9463860272

Use your fingers						Bloodhound Gang			1995	CD			Columbia		COL 480703 2

Versions							Anchoress, the			2023	CD			Drowned In Sound	DIS2004CD

Virus:hate      						DavaNtage 			2001	CD			Black Rain		BR009

Viscera		        					God Module			2005	CD			Metropolis Records 	MET 394

Viva! LA woman							Matto Cibo			1999	CD			Warner Bross		0 9362-45989-2 3

Vulnerable		        				Tricky				2003	CD			Anti, Inc.		6648-2

Vultures							Mills Jess			2011	CD-single promo		Island			VULTURESCD16648-2

Wait								Nausea					Cassette

Watching over me						Bliss				1991	CD-Single 		Parlophone		CDR 6786

We apologise for nothing					Fightstar 			2007	Single			Institute 		5 060087 564876

Westwood One The Vault Show #97-10				various artists    		1997	CD			Westwood One		97-10

Whisper	        						String Quartet 			2002	CD			Vitamin			CD 8643

Whole lotta love						Page & Plant			1995	Double-CD		Sonic Zoom		SZ 2013/2014

Why can't I be you?    						various artists			2021	CD			Mojo Magazine		March 2021

Why don't you stay ?    					101				1998	CD-Single 		Virgin			7243 8 95238 2 9

Wishing one last time	        				Scaries, the			2000	CD			Route 14 Recorde   	rte 146

Wound			         				Velvet Acid Christ 		2006	CD-single 		Metropolis		MET 434

Yeah I want you 						Sharp, the			1993	CD-single 		Warner			4509941212

York Kate							York Kate 			2004	CD-single 		Paste Records		PM18

You never know ...						Thuoc				2003	CD-single 		FuguFish Records   	FFR005

You're living all over me					Dinosaur Jr			2005	CD			Merge Record		MRG244

You're wreckin'me						Lynyrd's Innards   		1999	CD			Johanns Face		JFR042

Your vision was never mine to share				Misery Loves Co			2000	CD			Earache Records		Mosh 231CD

Zombie worm		      					Dinosaur Jr			2006	CD			Imperial Records   	TECI-24361